This course covers the best available comparative literature between non-surgical to surgical ACL tear management.

You will learn:

• History of ACL intervention

• Non-surgical VS surgical research evidence (Including copers V non-copers, long-term follow-ups, paediatrics, elite-level)

• Highest quality data and the KANON trial

• 10 Common ACL beliefs challenged by evidence

• And more!

In completing this course you will gain confidence in the theorectical understanding as to why we need a cultural shift on how we interpret and manage ACL injuries - towards non-surgical as best first practice!

** Includes Certificate of Completion (1 hour Professional Development Points) **

Hi, I’m Kieran!


I work as a Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist in Australia. I am also the Director of Global Specialist Physiotherapy, a consultancy company providing Formal Mentoring, Second Opinions and Professional Development for physiotherapists and clinics in Australia and internationally.


I have completed my Physiotherapy degree, a post-graduate Masters degree in Physiotherapy and a doctorate-level Fellowship in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy!


I run lectures and workshops to health care professionals nationally in Australia on the topic of ACL tear non-surgical management.


I am running this course to help physiotherapists and health care professional better manage ACL injuries non-surgically.

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