This website is dedicated to empowering health care professionals and patients with the latest evidence-based information around topics like ACL Tear Non-surgical Management and Treatment Planning.

In the ACL courses, you will learn key information about ACL tears, what the best research shows and why for many patients choosing physiotherapy and exercise alone is a permanent life-long solution for an ACL injury - no surgery required.

In the Treatment Planning courses, you will learn clinical and empirical evidence as to why every patient attending physiotherapy needs a Treatment Plan, how to determine this for each individual and case examples of what to do!

Hi, I’m Kieran!

I work as a Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist in Australia.

I have completed my Physiotherapy degree, a post-graduate Masters degree in Physiotherapy and a doctorate-level Fellowship in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy!

I run lectures and workshops to health care professionals nationally in Australia and internationally on the topics of ACL tear non-surgical management and Treatment Planning.

I am running these courses, firstly to help patients and clinicians better understand ACL injuries and their available options if they or their family/friends experience an ACL tear, and secondly to help health care professionals better set up individualised treatment plans for patients!